Beers & Ciders

Eden Peak Bloom Cider                                5
applesauce, lime, white grape.  Almost fully dry, this cider offers the perfect foil to chili heat, and the natural tannins and savory acidity in the apples provide a perfect complement to rich and aromatic dishes.

Austin Street Neverender DIPA                    6
Neverender is an Australian hopped Double IPA.  A flavor profile dominated by tropical fruit is balanced with pilsen malt and malted wheat.  At 8.0% this hugely aromatic beer is still very drinkable for the style.  

Sapporo                                                         5
Japan’s premier dry lager, with a rich malty profile and crisp clean finish.  A classic pair with anything rice based, and a lovely complement to seafood.

Singha                                                            3
Thailand’s flagship export beer, deep malty flavor and rich texture provide the backbones to this robust lager. Matches beautifully with savory rice dishes, fried foods, and anything spicy.

Saigon 333                                                     3
Vietnam’s best known beer, and a ubiquitous beverage option throughout the country.  Blended to match the traditional flavors and textures of Vietnamese street food, it’s a great pair for a Bahn Mi, and noodle dishes.

Austin Street Patina (Draft)                          7
Austin Street's flagship hop forward pale ale. We start with a blend of base malts in the mash tun, then add copious amounts of American hops in the kettle followed by even more in the form of dry hopping. The result is a very citrusy.

Allagash White                                              4
Award winning interpretation of a Belgian-style wheat beer is brewed with oats, malted wheat, and raw wheat for a hazy “white” appearance.  Spiced with a special blend of coriander and Curacao orange peel

Echigo IPA                                                    5
citrusy and light with noticeable but restrained hops character.  A crisp, and bright patio-pounder, and a fantastic pair with our menu.

Single Servings Wine & Sake

Demon Slayer                                                5
dry, nutty, rich; classic sake that refreshes the mouth and cleanses the palate.  A simple yet perfect complement to a host of Asian flavors and textures.

Akishika Bambi Cup                                  10
dry, creamy, savory. Big flavor in a small package, and an unbelievably versatile food pair.  Try this with just about anything on our menu. Junmai

Kaika Sanomaru Cup                                  9
surprising balance of dry, light, and crisp with a mellow and grainy flavor profile finishing with subtle citrus undertones. Perfectly balanced and deceptively easy-drinking. Tokubetsu Junmai

Momokawa Craft Sake                              10
A medium-dry and crisp sake with fresh aromas of melon, green apple, and anise. Subtle hints of citrus and honeydew. Junmai Ginjo

Pampelonne Rose Lime                                 4
grapefruit, strawberry, passion fruit, lime.  Truly refreshing, flirty and fun; the perfect summer sipper! It might be light in alcohol, but it's big on flavor and a super versatile food pair.

Hogwash Rosé                                              7
Notes of sunny wildflowers, ocean air, and sliced peach. On the palate, you’ll taste juicy mandarin orange and pear with a clean and precise finish. A lingering of lemon zest and honey leaves you refreshed and thirsty for more.

Tiamo Rosé                                                 3
Strawberry, jasmine, peach, chalk.  Simple, medium bodied rosé from central Italy with a touch of spice to give extra character and help pair with more robust dishes.  Super crushable, but also great with meat dishes and hefty sandwiches.

Underwood Riesing Radler                           5
grapefruit, hops, lime, slate.  A blend of dry Riesling with a touch of hops and fresh grapefruit juice.  Pairs beautifully with complex flavors, and perfectly bridges the gap between breakfast beer and brunch cocktail.

Lobster Reef Sauvignon Blanc                     6
A balanced and refreshing wine from Marlborough, NZ.  Boasts aromas of pineapple, guava, melon, and fresh green-leaf flavors.

Underwood Pinot Noir                                  7
Aromas of redcurrants, wild strawberries, smoke and mushrooms. It's medium-bodied with plush tannins and bright acidity. Juicy and spicy.

Frico Lambrusco                                           5
Sparkling and vibrant, with fresh dark fruit flavors and a dry, spicy finish.  Lambrusco is the traditional sparkling red wine of Emilia Romagna, served both as a refreshing aperitif and a versatile partner with food.

Sake, Plum Wine

Tamano Hikari                                           22
Classically dry, earthy, and bright, Junmai Daiginjo sake is the highest grade and purest quality expression of rice wine with superbly clean flavors, deep complexity, and a luscious mouth feel.  The ideal pair for almost any Asian meal.

Sawa Sawa Sparkling Sake                        13
Sparkling sake, light, fruity, effervescent and refreshing. This will appeal to sake and non-sake drinkers alike.  Perfect for a relaxed spring or summer day.

Hakutsuru Plum Wine                                16
plum, apricot, marzipan, jasmine.  A richly textured wine with ample sweetness and a long lingering finish.  A lovely pair with anything spicy, and a perfect complement to many cheeses, especially pungent ones!


Amrita                                                         20
lychee, guava, mango, white flowers, citrus and ginger.
A highly aromatic sparkler with mineral undertones that pairs perfectly with Pan-Asian flavors.

Groundwork Muscat Frizzante                  23
Playfully fizzy with notes of jasmine, lemongrass, lime blossom, mango & sea salt.  A perfect accompaniment for Asian cuisine.  Produced in the Santa Maria Valley.

Juve y Camps Brut                                     21
ripe pear & apple, yellow citrus, toasted brioche.  Spain’s answer to Champagne, this sparkler has all the body and personality of its famous French cousin.

Albrecht Cremant                                       24
burnt lemon, jasmine, ripe peach and apricot, herbs and chive. This sparkler from Alsace in the NE corner of France uses highly aromatic grapes to produce a robust and complex wine.  Pairs excellently with aromatic and funky dishes.

Hillinger Secco                                             23
red berries, river rocks, acidity.  This Austrian sparkler has all the Pinot Noir hallmarks, with a slightly spiced, tightly knit and elegant finish.

Juve y Camps Rose                                     22
red apple, strawberry, honeysuckle, toasted almond. Rich and creamy, with lifted acidity and ample structure, this Spanish sparkler perfectly blends earth, acidity, and fruit.

RAS Arkadia                                               29
Savory, richly textured, and super versatile, this Maine Blueberry sparkling wine has real depth and personality. Delightful on its own and excellent in cocktails; drink this like a lambrusco or vermouth, or crush a bottle poolside with charcuterie & cheese!


Schloss Gobelsburg Rose                            21
strawberry, cherry, white peach, limestone. This is classic summer water: dry, crisp, bright minerality and robust acidity.  A light zippy wine that pairs with almost anything and any situation.

Nortico Rose                                                16
watermelon, raspberry, sour cherry, salinity.  Super refreshing but not overly simple. Pronounced acidity and well balanced structure make this wine a super versatile pair that works particularly well with anything from the sea.

Steininger Cabernet Rose                            20
raspberry, gooseberry, black currant, spices.  Deeply flavored but light in structure.  This wine beautifully preserves hallmark Cab Sauv notes and delivers them in an elegant and finessed package.  Infinitely pairable and endlessly drinkable.

La Spinetta Rose Di Casanova                   25
tangerine, white peach, red berries, lime zest, river stones.  Quintessential summer water with a backbone. Pairs with everything from cheese and watermelon to BBQ meats and pasta.  Your new go-to summer wine.


Can Feixes                                                   21
ripe melon, apple, lime, wet stone.  Spain’s answer to Chablis, this wine is stony and aromatic, yet impeccably balanced and supremely versatile as a food pair. Try this with everything from cheese to seafood to fruity or creamy desserts.

Boundary Breaks Gewurtz                         22
lychee, white grape, rose petals.  This wine perfectly balances old world elegance with new world ripeness. Intensely characterful with a persistent finish, this wine pairs gorgeously with classic Asian aromatics and flavors. If there’s ginger or lemongrass in the dish, it will sing with this wine.

Gobelsburg Gruner                                     21
green apple and pear, fresh cut grass, green herbs, yellow citrus. From an 850 year old winery, this is as classic as Gruner Veltliner gets.  Crisp acidity, extremely refreshing, and remarkably versatile.  Nothing pairs better with salads and green veggies, and it delivers equally well as a sessionable patio sipper.

Domäne Wachau Loess Gruner                 18
radish, cracked pepper, green apple, herbs, yellow citrus. Fresh, aromatic, and racy.  A truly delightful drinking experience, and an excellent value. Excellent with salads and veggies, but also great with fried foods and creamy dishes where the wine’s pronounced acidity can shine.

Aveleda Vinho Verde                                  11
lime, green apple, salinity, zippy.  Bottled and meant to be drunk while fresh and young, this wine is flirty and fun but packs significant flavor.  Exceptional pair with seafood and briny dishes, and sings with lighter meats cooked on the grill.

Sula Chenin Blanc                                      16
pineapple, ripe peach, yellow pear, parmesan rind, lemon curd. This is complex wine with pronounced aromas and deep flavors.  Slightly off-dry but not sweet on the palate, this is India’s best selling white wine and pairs magnificently with curry dishes, spicy dishes, cheeses, and seafood.

Cellardoor Riesling                                     17
ripe pear, lemon, lime, slate. Classic Riesling expression with tamed acidity, pronounced minerality and balanced fruit. A perfect complement to a variety of Asian cuisines, this locally made wine pairs particularly well with Vietnamese and Thai dishes.

Selbach Riesling                                          18
green apple, lime peel, jasmine, slate, wax. Off-dry Riesling at its best.  Showcases a perfect balance of fruit, acid & minerality with ample residual sugar for a pleasantly sweet complex wine that never feels cloying. The perfect pair for any dish with chili heat or pronounced aromatics, this wine also sings with cheeses and spicy charcuterie.

Ducasse BDX Blanc                                     21
yellow citrus, ripe apple, green herbs, grapefruit, lightly floral. Juicy but restrained, this medium bodied wine is both extremely food friendly and a total patio pounder thanks to elevated acidity and pronounced minerality. Drinks beautifully with seafood, poultry, herbaceous dishes and curries.

Argiolas Vermentino                                   17
mango, melon, pineapple, lemon zest, dried apple, ripe peach, evergreen.  Fuller bodied, creamy textured, richly weighted, somewhat perfumed and possessing a long acidic finish, this wine is made with Mediterranean dishes in mind but matches beautifully with legumes, anything herbaceous, and seafood.

Bastide CdR Blanc                                      15
floral, creamy, apricot, lemon, peach, spice.   A hallmark blend of Southern Rhone grapes delivers a weighty, perfumed wine with pronounced aromatics and lush creamy texture. An excellent pair with creamy dishes, poultry, and roast pork.


Pierre Tailleur Pinot Noir                            17
cherry, cranberry, forest floor, stony earth.  A lush style of Pinot Noir full of the grape’s hallmark acidity, with ripe fruit character and subtle earthy notes combined with velvety tannins for a smooth drinking experience. Drinks perfectly with duck, mushroom dishes, and fruity/nutty desserts.  Try it slightly chilled.

Tasca Nero DAvola                                    16
cherry, mulberry, raspberry, spice.  Sicily’s answer to Burgundian Pinot Noir, this subtly complex wine has ripe red berries, silky tannins and lingering acidity.  A perfect match to classic Italian meats & red sauce, this wine also meets the moment with sesame, duck or mushroom driven dishes.  Beautiful with a slight chill in the heart of summer.

Sambardier Beaujolais Villages                  18
strawberry, ripe cherry, wet granite, green herb.  This is the flirty and fresh cousin of classic red Burgundy.  Ample acidity to cut through rich dishes, and enough earth to balance pronounced umami notes, this wine pairs beautifully across our menu.  Lovely with a slight chill, filling the role of a robust rosé, and equally delightful at room temp where the wine’s savoriness really shines. 

Zenato Valpolicella                                               17
black cherry, black currant, red berry, spice, chocolate. Dry and velvety with ample tannins but a smooth structure, this wine is the very definition of approachable and versatile.  Pairs well with everything from pickles and seared tuna, to glazed duck or roast pork. Try it slightly chilled.

Holloran Pinot Noir                                    26
blackberry, red berry, clove, forest floor.  The perfect blend of new world fruit and old world finesse.  Juicy and lush in texture and mouth feel, with supremely well integrated tannins and silky smooth finish.  Drink with duck, pork, tuna, and berry desserts.

Casteldfeder Mont Mes rosso                      18
black cherry, blueberry, pepper, tobacco, lilac, wet stone.  Intensely colored but superbly balanced on the palate.  Structure is clean and even keeled, and the wine is a remarkably food friendly. Pair with charcuterie, roasted veggies, or any meat dish. Particularly lovely with eggplant. 

Riccitelli Hey Malbec                                   19
ripe blueberry, black currant, violet, spice, green herbs. Lush fruit, soft tannins, and a long finish. This is classic Argentinian Malbec and arguably the ideal wine pair for juicy red meat and anything cooked on the grill.

Calx Primitivo                                             17
sour cherry, dried fig, limestone.  Bright, acidic, fresh and juicy. This is natural wine at its best.  Packed with flavor and delightfully structured, this wine hits its mark with robust meat and carb dishes, but also takes a chill and serves as a robust rosé and pairs well with lighter fare. All the hallmark flavors of southern Italian red wine without the heft.

Santa Duc CDR Les Vielles Vignes             21
black currant, kirsch, black pepper, garrigue, tobacco. Classic southern Rhone blend built to pair with rich and rustic dishes. Most at home with hearty fare and robust flavors, this wine wants meat and roasted vegetables at every turn.  Ideal with roast poultry, eggplant, and grilled meat.

Ondarre Reserva Rioja                               20
blackberry, cranberry, plum, dill, baking spices, leather. This is everyday Spanish red wine as its best.  Full of ripe fruit and hallmark notes from oak aging, this wine represents Iberia perfectly.  Drinks best with gamey red meat, herbaceous dishes, and pork in any and every permutation.

Ultraviolet Cab                                            18
stewed blueberries, black currant, plum, violet, black pepper.  Winemaker Samantha Sheehan develops perhaps the most elegant Natural California Cabernet wines.  Velvety and balanced, with ripe fruit tamed by crisp acidity and lingering smooth tannins.  Pairs best with salty and fatty dishes, especially grilled foods, red meats and chocolate desserts.

Gardacho Garnacha                                   19
ripe red fruit, baking spice, black pepper. This is prototypical Spanish Grenache made from 75 year old vines.  Deeply flavored, full bodied, and richly structured, this wine wants to accompany hefty dishes with bold flavors.

Black Pearl Mischief Maker                              23
black currant, black plum, blueberry, baked fig, bacon fat, white pepper, chocolate, graphite.  Savory, voluptuous, herbaceous and deep.  Big wine with a great big story: Mary Lou Nash moved from Maine to South Africa in the 90s, taught herself to grow grapes, and now makes rich wines built to drink with hearty fare. Very proud wine, with a backstory we Mainers can all be proud of!