Take-Out Dinners

Since October, we have offered a different 4-course Take-Out Dinner every Wednesday, Thursday and Friday, which you can order up to 30 days in advance, and pick up the day of anytime between 5-6pm.  Menus for the month of December are posted below, with a return of fried chicken Fridays and a New Year's Eve 9-course Peking Duck Dinner with all the fixings.  Recommended wine pairs* to go with every meal have been posted.  The 4-course dinners serve TWO and are priced at $58.   The New Year's Eve Peking Duck Dinner is priced at $98 per person, and we ask that you sign up in the next two weeks (ducks must be ordered and aged in advance).   We also ask that you order your meals ONLINE at least two days in advance.   As the online pre-order system is different from our regular online ordering system, you cannot add items from the regular menu to this one, but can always add items when you pick-up.   Meals will be at room temperature and reheating instructions will be provided. 

*a note about ordering wine pairs - if you only want ONE bottle of wine, place a single order with the desired wine, and additional orders without.

See MENU & Order



Suggested Wine

Wed, Dec 1 -  Mongolia

(1)    Moo shu

(2)    Slaw

(3)    Mongolian noodle pot pie

(4)    Milk fudge and butter cookies



Amrita White   $20


Thr, Dec 2 - India

(1)    Dahl and roti

(2)    Sag paneer

(3)    Lamb korma

(4)    Saffron yogurt with cardamom and pistachio (a riff on ras malai)



Sula Chenin Blanc   $16


Bastide CdR Blanc   $15


Fri, Dec 3 - Tibet

(1)    Chickpea battered fried chicken

(2)    Momo's

(3)    Carrot salad

(4)    Tibetan Rice Pudding



Albrecht Cremant   $24




Wed, Dec 8 - Philippines

(1)    Lumpia - Filipino spring rolls

(2)    Chicken Adobo

(3)    Pancit Guisado - cellophane noodles and lime

(4)    Dessert TBD



A rich malty beer


La Spinetta Rose   $25


Aveleda Vinho Verde   $11


Thr, Dec 9 - Laos

(1)    Mushroom Larb

(2)    Khao Kee - (Laotian banh mi)

(3)    Lao pho

(4)    Dessert TBD



Tasca Nero D’Avola   $16


Fri, Dec 10 - Vietnam

(1)    Fried chicken

(2)    Fresh spring rolls (add crab option to be priced)

(3)    Banh khot (Vietnamese savory mini pancakes)

(4)    Crème caramel



Juve Y Camps Brut   $23




Wed, Dec 15 - Japan

(1)    Ramen

(2)    Gyoza

(3)    Carrot daikon salad

(4)    Mochi



Sambardier Beaujolais Villages   $18


Domäne Wachau Loess Gruner   $18


Thr, Dec 16 - Korea

(1)    Beef Bulgogi

(2)    Japchae - sweet potato noodles with a soy sesame sauce

(3)    Banchan - house cold pickled appetizers

(4)    Hotteok - walnut and brown sugar filled fried pancake



Calx Primitivo Puglia   $17


Fri, Dec 17 - Taiwan

(1)    Salt and pepper chicken

(2)    Tamsui a-gei  - Inari packet with noodles and shrimp

(3)    Bok choy with chestnut and oyster sauce

(4)    Taiwanese honey cake



Zenato Valpolicella    $17




Wed, Dec 22 -  Beijing

(1)    Fried chicken

(2)    Hong shao eggplant

(3)    Peanut and wood ear salad

(4)    Taro donuts



Casteldfeder Mont Mes Rosso   $18


Juve Y Camps Rose   $22


Thr, Dec 23 - China

(1)    Cucumber salad

(2)    Dumplings

(3)    Sticky Rice Stuffed Duck

(4)    Dessert TBD



Pierre Tailleur Pinot Noir    $17



Fri, Dec 31 – 9 course Peking Duck Dinner, $98 per person


(1)    Tuna poke

(2)    Scallop crudo with nasturtium

(3)    Slaw


(4)    Mushroom wontons

(5)    Shrimp and ginger shao mai

(6)    Roast pork bun


(7)    Peking duck with hoisin, pancakes and cucumbers

(8)    Gan bian si ji dou

(9)    Bok choy and oyster sauce


(10) Dessert TBD



Hillinger Secco Rose   $23

Holloran Pinot Noir   $26

-or if white-

Boundary Breaks Gewurtz   $22

Ducasse Bdx Blanc   $21