Habanero Peach Chili Jam Pork Ribs       12.88
local peaches, coconut, peanut powder, mint

Aged NY Strip Steak Fried Rice                18.88
alliums, ssam sauce

Lamb Potstickers                                       10.88
pan-fried Tibetan lamb curry dumplings

Ants Climbing Up A Tree                           13.88
minced pork, fermented chili, Sichuan peppercorn,
bean thread noodles, ginger, garlic

Kung Pao Cauliflower                                  7.88
peanuts, chili, scallions (vegan)

Bombay Dahl                                               7.88
lentil curry with roti (Indian flatbread)

Fan Tuan                                                      5.88
sticky rice wrapped Chinese duck fat donut,
pickled mustard greens, pork cotton candy, egg

In addition to our a la carte menu,
which is available for online ordering,
we offer a wide variety of grab and go items
that are available for pickup when you arrive.